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The new album is now available!

This is the Digipack CD Version of The Very End’s 4th album ‘Zeitgeist’.

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This is the Digipack CD Version of The Very End’s 4th album ‘Zeitgeist’. The album is also available in different formats and bundles.

“Definitely one of the best German metal albums of the year!”Rock Hard magazine
“Zeitgeist is one of the most important releases of the year 2021!” – Legacy Magazine
“The Very End didn’t retire, they took a run-up.”Metal Hammer magazine


Recording Line-Up

Björn Goosses – Vocals
René Bogdanski – Guitars
Marc Bräutigam – Guitars
Marc Beste – Bass
Jerome Reil – Drums

Engineered and mixed by Cornelius Rambadt
Recorded by Cornilius Rambadt and René Bogdanski
Mastered by Dennis Köhne
Artwork by Killustrations
Band photography by Tom Row/Frontrow Images
Published by Enorm Music
Released by Apostasy Records

The Very End’s music has never been about exploring extremes, but somehow “Zeitgeist” is the band’s most extreme album to date whatsoever. From spitting-with-rage thrashers like “Light The Lows” or the eponymous “Zeitgeist” to pounding, death metal influenced grooves like “From Boon To Bane” or “The Day It All Went Black” to the catchy rocking chorus of “On Parole” or the epic broadness of “Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us” – The Very End spell out clearly that “Zeitgeist” is all about the song, not about cliches or expectations. The fresh spirit that comes along with the new members Jerome Reil on drums and Marc Bräutigam on guitar tells in the acoustic cornucopia that “Zeitgeist” really is. Without missing The Very End’s typical trademarks, of course as you know it from the previous albums “Turn Off The World“, “Mercy & Misery” and “Vs. Life“!

The lyrics on the Zeitgeist CD are – in good ol’ The Very End fashion – like dancing with bare feet on barbed wire. But while you could still catch a far-off rainbow somewhere on the horizon on the bands former albums, the only colour on “Zeitgeist” might be the crimson red on the floor that’s running from your nose after the relentless tracks of the album rolled all over you.

Especially the title track, which is completely sung in German language and may raise a question or two about your very own relation to the overall Zeitgeist, is a perfect example of The Very End in 2020: Daring and uncompromising but still focused on the song, open minded and contemporary but still metal to the bone.

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