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Founded in 2004 The Very End are children of the German Ruhr area, a region with a traditionally large working-class population, which has been a soil for metal music ever since. The founders René Bogdanski (guit., Ninnghizhidda) and Lars Janosch (drums, ex-Destillery) joined with Björn Gooßes (voc., ex-Night In Gales) and Marc Beste (bass, Onkel Tom) and perfected the band’s sound over the years. Like their neighbours Kreator or Sodom The Very End is forged from real steel and deem it their duty to not only keep the Ruhr area sound alive, but to bring it to the next level.

After the 2nd demo was named „Demo of the month“ in the German Metal Hammer magazine, the band released their debut album Vs. Life in 2008. Two years later they signed to Steamhammer/SPV. The following albums Mercy & Misery and Turn off the World have been produced by Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc. among others) and Dennis Koehne. The album Turn Off the World reached the 5th rank in the German Metal Hammer soundcheck in December 2012. The magazine declared it to one of the most important releases in 2012. The band was later featured in the exhibition “Rock and Pop in the Ruhr Area”. It was held in one of Germany’s most prestiguous museums, the Ruhr Museum.

The younger past saw some more lineup-changes. 2018 he band added drummer Jerome Reil to their ranks. He is the son of legendary Kreator drummer Jürgen „Ventor“ Reil. In 2019 guitarist Marc Bräutigam of Exumer completed the current line up.

The band teamed up with German label Apostasy Records and released their 4th full length album “Zeitgeist” in 2021.

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